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Sealcoating asphalt will ensure that it has a much longer life than that of unsealed pavement. Even on a weak pavement, sealcoating will preserve water and oxidizing effects of the sun, salts, and petroleum spillage. This high-quality coating preserves the pavement surface, and the asphalt and aggregate layers will remain protected and moist for flexibility.
Fed Spec by Gemseal asphalt sealer is the longest lasting sealer available today. Our sealer delivers durability and longevity unmatched by the competition. In independent testing, Fed Spec managed to withstand over 4000 cycles which is nearly double that of the nearest competitor. Fed Spec provides better protection and nicer finishes that last longer.
A finish fit for your home with the durability that satisfies any parking lot. Fed Spec is extremely versatile. When applied correctly it can last up to 2 years on lite commercial applications and up to 5 years on most residential asphalt.
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At Pristine Concrete our tile concrete, stone, tile, bricks, cobblestones and pavers are cement based, hand made, custom colored products with an average compressive strength of 4000 to 6000 pound per square inch. They can be used in both residential and commercial building markets for both interior and exterior applications. Some use the term "cultured stone". Cement is just one of the ingredients in concrete along with sand, aggregate and additives makes a commercially marketable finished product.

These concrete products will last virtually forever. The coloring technology and method that we use makes the color integral. The color though our stone and tile goes all the way through the product. It can never been worn away.
Some other manufactured stone made in the marketplace have the color actually just "painted" on the surface of the mold prior to production in the hopes that some will penetrate the surface. The surface will eventually wear, exposing plain grey concrete. With our coloring system being integrally mixed into the concrete of the stone, tile, pavers, bricks and other products that we make, the color cant wear off. It goes right through the body of the product. Even when the stone or tile is cut, the same color is exposed inside as outside. This allows any shape to be made including custom bull nose for edges.

With the concrete oxides we use which are measured right down to the gram, the color is unaffected even by harsh climates. The benefit and the natural skid resistant quality, make it an excellent choice for all external applications like pool areas, driveways, walks, exterior walls ect. It also is resistant to salts and other ice melting chemicals and preforms very well in freeze- thaw environments due in part to our proprietary mix additives.

Pristine Concrete products have the ability to custom color the stone or tile to match virtually anything our customer wishes to match. This is a benefit that is not available with most other materials, or from other suppliers. Our manufactured stone, tile, pavers and bricks can be matched years down the road should a customer wish to add to an existing installation. This usually cannot be done with other flooring material, as they are made in color lots. Should you anticipate a future need you have to purchase extra product with the original. That can tie up that money for years!

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